Creating Anyone link but just for allowed domains

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Is it possible in anyway to have the "Anyone" link creation turned on but only for tenant the Onedrive is on and the domains listed in the Allowed Domains settings?


I have a bit of a work around where we have a B2B Azure AD group and we can add that when sharing an item, but I want it to be a bit easier for our users.



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No, anyone means anyone. Here's the relevant bit from the documentation:


Allow or block sharing with people on specific domains. You specify a list of allowed or blocked domains. Note that if you allow shareable links (which don't require sign-in), users who share items with these links can share with anyone, including people who have accounts on restricted domains. This setting is the same as the setting on the sharing page in the SharePoint admin center. For more info, see Restricted domains sharing in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business