Copy directly from Explorer to OneDrive online, no local copy.

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I have 500GB of data on an external disc  ( X:\ ), Now I want to create another backup and copy this data from Explorer / Onedrive client to OneDrive online 


How do I do this without first getting a local copy under c: \ ... user \ ...? I dont want that!! 


I have marked the folder as online only but it will not work until all data is copied and I can only update the folder to online only.


My local hard drive currently has 30GB of free.

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Probably overkill, it's an IT tool but I think it would do the trick, it's the SharePoint Migration Tool, certainly worth looking at for that volume of data anyway. It supports OneDrive for Business as a destination, just point it to the local folder you want to migrate. Where this may fall down though is it recommends 150 GB+ free disk space, unfortunately! You could try doing it in batches and see if that is plausible though someone else may have a better idea. 


Introducing the SharePoint Migration Tool

Agree with Cian, SharePoint Migration Tool is good option here

Thanks. Work like a charm.

Would you mind explaining the steps?  Haven't used sharepoint migration tool before.


1. Go to


2. Install


3. Login with Office365 account


4. In migration Tool.  Add a task, and choose which files / folders you want to copy to OneDrive



5. Paste the URL path to your Onedrive and select directory where the files will land.



Start migrate-job! 


Note! The process will save data locally during migration.