Consultants - OneDrive, security




Could anyone give me their thoughts on how to solve this scenario.


Our business has food inspectors who go all across the world (consultants, so use their personal devices). We would like a secure way of sharing potentially sensitive documents with them via the companies OneDrive account, the issue is the consultants need offline access as most of the factories they visit have very poor internet and they spend most of their time on planes updating their reports. 


My business doesnt not want to allow the consultants to just download the files to their personal machines via OneDrive as its not secure, so we're wondering if theres another solution here we havent thought of, the best we could come up with is allowing the consultant to install OneDrive app on the device and keep files in sync but perhaps password protect each and every document so it cannot be just opened easily.


The users cant just use OneDrive web as they need offline access so i dont know what to suggest. 


Any thoughts?


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Protecting files via Azure Information Protection is the way to go: