Constant Synchronization - 17.3.6720.1207

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Beginning with version 17.3.6720.1207 of the OneDrive client, we've had multiple reports of the blue sync arrows that won't go away on multiple files and folders. This seems to happen on files that were recently opened even if no changes were made. Opening the files and then saving them (even with no changes) appears to resolve this temporarily. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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yes - OneDrive is just as hopeless as ever.  Nothing has improved.  


It displays "processing changes" all the time, but never finishes.  I have re-installed OneDrive multiple times with no improvement.  When it does sync, it's incredibly slow with endless stop-starts and uploading at "0kb", ie. doing nothing.


How can this software still be sooooooo bad?

Happened to one of my tenant too. I fixed it by closing and reopening OneDrive for Business app.

no problem to us.

I see this on my personal OneDrive and it appears to be related to a program having a file open. OD4B works fine. This didn't look this way prior to the preview versions

Because Microsoft want to push us all to the cloud and have great marketing speakers, however for partners who use it in practice it's far from ideal. I don't even recommend much cloud solutions to clients. Group policy in a AD domain. Anyone...? Smiley Indifferent

What do you think of the issue that the sync relation just stops working and does not sync anymore, almost experienced it at every OneDrive client, and the client itself won't notice anything although you are telling that green checks have to be there. In case of a normal on-premise server: it works or it doesn't. If somebody can't put data on their file share they can not even see it in most cases.


I'm already waiting soooooo long on the ability to Sync shared folders and/or team sites. And I also have clients who only want to use OneDrive (to keep it simple) and no Sharepoint....

I have been experiencing this problem as well.  Sometimes just restarting OneDrive helps but not always.


I reported this problem using the "Report a problem" option and the solution was to run OneDrive.exe /reset and then start OneDrive.exe again.  It resynchronizes all of your files so can take some time.  Otherwise no impact.


I also found the article 'Fix OneDrive sync problems' and also recommends unlinking and then re-linking your account as one of the many solutions but I haven't done that yet.


Thanks, Bruce...