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Hi there,


now I installed two different versions of OneDrive on my laptop. One is blue color in my taskbar another is gray color in my taskbar.

  1. I got my impression that the blue one (GROOVE.exe) should be OneDrive for Business and another one (OneDrive.exe) should be for personal. Is the concept correct??
  2. no matter blue or gray, we could use two program to connect SharePoint OneDrive --> Is the concept correct??
  3. What is the difference between two programs?? Which one is OneDrive for Business?? --> Blue or Gray??
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Hi @Will # _________ H,


the blue one is OneDrive for Business and the gray/white one is OneDrive Personal. Both are running on OneDrive.exe. One of them is started with the command line parameter /client=Personal.

Groove.exe is not involved in that anymore, that is the old client. 


The concept of the two OneDrives is normal and correct. I have both connected and see the both icons as you mentioned like this in my taskbar:




Hope this clarifies it a bit for you.




@Oliver Kieselbach 

I have another question is currently if we would like to use the OneDrive, we need to type into the "Email or Phone number". my question will be if we use the SharePoint integration with OneDrive, and how we should login to the SharePoint Personal Document Library. we also use the Email account? . before if we use the old version of OneDrive, we could put the URL of Library and connect it. But now how should we deal with it.



Just go to any sharepoint library you have permissions for and click “sync” Onedrive will take care of the rest