Confusion between SharePoint and OneDrive again

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After a Windows 10 System Restore destroyed my main computer preventing me from logging in, I'm trying to restore from backup images, cloud, etc.


It appears I'm missing files when searching backup locations on OneDrive for Business. I thought OneDrive was deleting files that were newer than the ones from the backup restore, so I stopped syncing. 


But I also realize I'm confused by the URL I see when accessing OneDrive in a browser (Chrome) which looks like this:


Could well be bad memory but I don't remember seeing "sharepoint" or "personal" or the other stuff. I thought the URL looked more like it does in Windows Explorer: "OneDrive - Company Name Inc." and that's it.


Guess I'm hoping that I can't find files because I'm looking in the wrong place... more SharePoint than OneDrive.


I've now lost days trying to get back on track. Any help or guidance would be immensely appreciated.

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If I were you I would do the follow.
1. Check files restore on OneDrive web. That url depends on what type of OneDrive account you have. For office 365 OneDrive that’s what they are. Check files restore and make sure you have some restore points to before you had this issue. If so continue on do not restore yet.
2. stop and remove any sync ou have setup on your current device assuming it’s the only one.
3. Reboot. Then rename your OneDrive folder from the default c:\users\username\onedrive etc.
4. Check your free disk space hopefully you still have plenty open
5. Now go back to web and restore to point in time before you had issues. Obviously inspect your files they may be right as is but roll back if not.
6. Go to your library when complete and then click sync and setup a new sync. Downloading the cloud copy of OneDrive. Once complete you should be good to go.
7. Once files are verified you can go back and delete the old OneDrive folder you renamed once confirtable.

Thank you Christopher