Confusing warning message when stopping the sync of a team site library

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When stopping the sync of a library in a team site, the sync client displays a warning to inform the user that the locally cached files will be kept while the "placeholders" will be removed (Files OnDemand feature).


I don't know how this warning sounds in English but in the Dutch translation it sounds like "the online files will be removed" (maar onlinebestanden worden verwijderd). This sounds terrifying and I made a backup first before I dare stopping the sync.



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this is the English equivalent:


I tried this out and this seems to be all wrong. 


A . the message is wrong. Nothing gets deleted, just the connection to the OneDrive channel.

B. When you stop the connection and then re sync, you get a second fodler with a (1) version number.


2x wrong.PNG

@Pieter Veenstra The English version is slightly beter, but the message that "files" will be deleted can be very confusing and doesn't add much info to a user who is stopping a sync.


A. It is correct because they are referring to the "placeholders" on the local device which are deleted.


B. is indeed another confusing issue, since you end up with a mix of synced an unsynced folders. Enabling the sync again will create another folder because they don't want to overwrite an exiting one.


It might be a better idea if a folder is renamed when stopping a sync. This would make it more clear which folders aren't synced aymore and this would avoid the issue you mention in your example. 

"Folder Name" -> "Folder Name (unsynced)"



Technically OneDrive should remove the underlying storage IMO when you stop syncing if the folder is fully synced without errors. No reason to leave behind files like it does. Or you should at least get the option that says "Do you want want to keep your own local copy of the files?" If you say no, the files get removed. If you say yes, should come up with a save as dialog so you can actually move them somewhere out of the sync folder.