Check list for onedrive migration based on MS best practices

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Are there any MS best practices defined while doing OneDrive migration that we need to consider before migrating user's data. 


Source of the user's data is network fileshare and destination is OneDrive for business. 


Also, is there any governance for OneDrive for Business that we can apply?

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How many users? If you're over certain number, you can use FastTrack and they can provide you with guidande but also some FastTrack specific tools. See:
There are 100-200 users. But my question is are there any best practices defined by MS. These are general and should applicable for 1 to n number of users.

Hi @Mihir Yelamanchili, some best practices are covered here in relation to features, management, syncing, deployment and migration -  OneDrive guide for enterprises as well as a similar article for smaller organizations - OneDrive QuickStart guide for small businesses.


The free SharePoint Migration tool is a good option for doing the heavy lifting and migrating the data to OneDrive.