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Is there any way to change OneDrive location i.e. instead of c:\useprofile\OneDrive-Tenant to D:\userprofile\onedrive-tenant? Because most of the user dont have much space on C drive.


I have powershell script to install ODB, is this possible to change the installation location thru the script.


Please advise.




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Can anyone please respond?

Hello @Avian 1,

I have not changed the instillation folder, but I may have an option that can accomplish what you want all the same. I had a client with this very problem. They had VMs and did not want to install tons of onedrive data onto there small machines.

OneDrive itself is a relatively small application. What ends up causing problems is where the users end up syncing files too. If they install in the C:\ drive thens tart syncing gigs of data, your drive is going to fill up quick.

Do you think it would be a viable option to install OneDrive in the normal location, but then go and change the sync file location to another drive? this would keep just the application files in the C drive, but all the "storage" onedrive was using would be where you want.

Just my 2 cents on how to approach the problem.


Thanks for reply Adam.


I agree with your approach to install client in C drive and then change the storage location. On changing the location I have some queries

1. I am installing and configuring and migration the data using the script, is it possible to force the user to change data using instead of changing the location during ODB wizard or only way I can think off set the changing location thru ADMX  ( .

2. In case if it is sharing machines used by 2-3 users, if you change the location then theses 2-3 user can see other data as well, is there any way to prevent this?


Please advise



Hey Avian,


1. Yes through a group policy/admx seems best, i would agree with that approach.

2. I would think you could troubleshoot that by adding in separate accounts. The new "Next gen" oneDrive sync client allows you to run multiple one drive accounts on the same machine. So even on my work laptop I have three instances of onedrive running on the same windows profile (my work, my personal, my lab). I am not sure how you use group policy to do it (from above) but i would think if you had a computer 3 people were using you could do like D:/Person1OD/, D:/Person2OD/ D:/Person3OD/ and just point each person to their respective folders.

Putting them in the same folder i think would cause you all sorts of sync issues, so i would 100% try to figure out a way to do the seperate folders for each user.


Goodluck, and let me know how it goes!


@Avian 1 - Microsoft's recommendation is to now install OneDrive using the "onedrivesetup.exe /allusers" and this installs the software only 1/machine in c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive.  The files being synced still need to be on the same drive as the install location.