Change in UPN changes URL to OD4B and requires new setup and new sync...

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We are in the planning stages of changing the UPN (universal principle name) in users active directory accounts (not changing SAM account name, just UPN) so that users can have a better experience when consuming Microsoft services and other cloud services that prompt for 'enter your email address'.  In testing when we change a UPN for a user that has OD4B already setup - the URL to the users OD4B location changes to reflect the users new UPN in the URL.  This causes the sync client to stop syncing.  The only way to recover that we have found is:


1) disconnect and stop syncing

2) rename the current OD4B folder

3) verify via web page URL has changed and is correct with new UPN

4) re-sign into the sync app and let it re-setup a folder > then re-sync everything (a big pain)


Would be really really nice to just disconnect and reconnect and 'use' the existing directory - like when you install the next gen client and it says 'you alreayd have a folder, want to use it'.  I may need to re-test this scenario with the next gen sync client and see how it works.


Anyone do a UPN change with the latest sync client?  What was your experience?


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We did run into that issue.

What helped as resolution was

1st) stop OneDrive for business client (onedrive.exe)


2nd) Open regedit


3rd) [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive\Accounts\Business1]

Update following key "UserEmail" to the new UPN in our case the SMTP address


4th) restart OneDrive for business and try to register it again

Hi. I already voted. I called Microsoft support this week and they have no information about this problem. So, I think they will not remedy in the short time.


We have 3 countries to change the UPN.  :\