Cannot delete local folder for previously synced SharePoint location

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I've got a Mac running MacOS 12.5 and OneDrive sync client version 22.151.0717.0001. OneDrive syncing is working fine, and syncing SharePoint libraries or folders works as well. However, when I STOP syncing a SharePoint location, the shortcut to that location seems to persist in Finder with no way to delete it. 


When I right/command click the shortcuts, there's no "Move to trash" option. Dragging to the trash does nothing (shows a "do not enter" icon in the trash window). I've quit/restarted OneDrive and tried restarting the computer. The only way to get rid of them is to "reset" OneDrive, which ALSO resets my OneDrive content sync (business and personal), so that's not a practical option for what may be a common practice (stopping syncing and cleaning up).


Is there some additional permission or setting that needs to be enabled to delete these "left behind" folders?



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