Cannot connect to OneDrive for Business (web, Office apps or mobile)

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We have recently started using OneDrive for Business but I believe there is something wrong in our config (we have an Office 365 E3 subscription).

I am the Global Administrator but I cannot access, upload or download files from my OneDrive for Business account (other users in the organization are able to use it without any issues).

I haven't installed any client and I'm using the web interface for Office. When I try to access my OneDrive for Business Page, it doesn't show any files. Not only that, if I click on "settings" the sidebar opens with a "Loading..." message (see below) but it never loads anything.



I traced some calls with Fiddler and there are several responses with System.UnauthorizedAccessException, so it appears my user does not have access to the resources, but all other Office resources (SharePoint, Exchange, Teams etc.) work without any issues.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.




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That's very strange since it seems you have the proper licenses assigned...being a Global Admin here is not a thing, since ODFB is just a service that should work for your user with no problems. Have you also opened a support ticket?
Thanks for the reply. Yes I have opened a ticket but I have also been exploring what could be wrong.

You are correct that ODFB is a service but I understand it's provided "behind the scenes" as a Sharepoint endpoint subject to SP's access control. My best guess is that somehow the Sharepoint's permissions got messed up (affecting OneDrive) and I cannot seem to discover where to change that in the admin panel (or even it it's possible without intervention from Support).

Of course this is only a guess, any additional thoughts from the group are appreciated.