Can we give SMB permissions for OneDrive share?

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I am expecting default file sever duty by replacing OneDrive. Is there any method to share OneDrive folder with SMB permissions and mount to domain users. I tried Azure file share + NTFS permissions but there are few difficulties for the working from home users. If we can mount a OneDrive fileshare over the public internet with SMB permissions, it would save lots of time. 

Is there any way to do this? or is there any other solution which can do this?

Thanks in Advanced.

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OneDrive is NOT a direct replacement for a file server, you should not expect it to function as such. Use the sync client and forget about mapped drives.

It seems the answer. Thanks.
Is there any other solution that can resolve my case? Mapping a drive over public internet without any VPN connection with SMB permissions. ?
"Mapping a drive" - that's SMB, "over public internet without any VPN connection" - that's over QUIC, "with SMB permissions" - Azure share. We offer a solution, please see