Can't open document shared with me in Word desktop application

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Someone shared a document with me via OneDrive for Business, but this only gives me the option to edit the document online. The option to edit the document in the desktop application is only available to me when working on documents stored in my own OneDrive for Business.  I'm logged in with the correct account in the desktop application and I have tested this in another tenant and can't find a way to enable that option. Is there a setting for this or is this by design? 

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@Stephen Rice 


Do you know if this is still an issue? I am trying to help a client share files with external users from their OneDrive and the external user is only seeing the Open in Word Online option. I'm about to suggest creating an Office 365 Group, adding the external users and testing to see if Open in Word is available with the Group files.



Hi @cmessina85,


Yes, this issue will still occur if the user does not have a backing O365 guest account. Sharing to them via a group (which uses Azure B2B) will let them open the word file. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

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Hello @Stephen Rice 


I have the same issue as reported above : not possible to "open in desktop app" when authenticated via OTP.
I understand there are workaround (azure group, etc...), but is there a roadmap to fix this in desktop clients ? Any estimated availability date /quarter / year ?


Thx for your highly appreciated answers on this thread since it was opened

Hi @Sidney P ,


Unfortunately, I don't have a timeframe I can offer on a fix here. I'll be sure to pass the feedback along to the team though to help prioritize. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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I'm still having the same issue, two years later.

@Stephen Rice Is there any progress on this fatal problem ?


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May 1, 2021, and still an issue? Can we please get a fix sometime soon? @Stephen Rice

Hello, it seems like @Pooya Obbohat, managed to solve the issue on his end, but I still cannot figure out how can I do the same. I know that I have an O365 account. Any updates on this issue @Stephen Rice ?