Camera Upload broken on Android

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I don't seem to be able to reliably sync my camera roll with One drive for business. Personal seems to be fine.

When a photo has been taken One drive shows it's uploading bar in the Android notification pull down. The progress bar fills and appears to complete.
When I check in one drive the photo has not been uploaded. When I check in Photos the photo appears there after a couple of seconds as waiting to upload. One drive then appears to successfully upload the photo. Once again it doesn't appear to have uploaded even after it looks like it was successful. Then in the background one drive continually uploads the same photo and each time thinks it has done so successfully even though it happens. This then becomes an infinite loop with no images ever being uploaded but one drive continuing it's attempts and believing it has been successful each time.

I've tried removing the app updates and reupdating, I can't remove the app as it's built in on Samsung phones.

Any ideas?
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I had something similar happen on iOS where I had to basically force close the app, then it came back up and asked for login credentials again. Once that happened my sync worked.

Sync to ODFB is still in preview on Android afaik, so I'm guessing issues are expected. No need to remove the app though, simply disable it in the settings.