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Dear Community,


It came to my attention, when I was writing a manual for our users within our organization. I was questioning my IT manager and another IT colleague that has been working longer then me at the same Organization the following question: Are we backing up the users OneDrive Files and Folders? And what solution are we using to Back it up?


To my surprise I got answered as followed: we are currently not using any backup solution due to OneDrive for Business is making/creating its own backup and user’s data are safe in that way.


As a very curious IT, I started to search for answers, and the only thing I could find is and what a lot of people are mentioning is that, OneDrive for Business has a retention policy of 90/93Days (some say 90 and some say 93).


So my question to the community is as followed: Does OneDrive for Business gets backed up? How? Or is it just what people say, that you only get the retention policy and if the file/folder surpasses the date its gone forever?


Thank you and i will kindly wait for tips, suggestions, feedback.

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Microsoft do take backups of all site collections! Last I heard was once every 12 hours and keep for 14 days! Although the idea is that MS have the infrastructure to keep your tenant online and accessible within the SLA and have the tech to replicate in case of any hardware failures etc..
Your files within SharePoint and Onedrive there is several options for recovering lost files!
The default time in for items recycle bin is 93 days. A retention policy can extend this to forever if necessary! There’s Onedrive restore for restoring the entire library up to 30 days back and also file versioning for content within your office files!

Can’t really see that most orgs need more than this

@adam deltinger 

As you stated, they backup for all sites, if their systems crashes or fails.

Working at an organization that handles with other company data and information you can't be too easy when it comes to their data.

But this information is very helpful with what i am trying to achieve. Thank you very much @adam deltinger 



Welcome to the cloud :) As Adam pointed above, Microsoft is the custodian of your data and takes care of any necessary backup/restore operations. The only thing you need to worry about is (un)intentional deletes by the end user or a potential ransomware attack, etc. There are plenty of controls that help in such scenarios. And if you need to meet some compliance requirements, there's another whole set of features to use.


That said, there are vendors out there that will happily sell you a backup solution for O365, should you feel the need for it :)