Auto-complete of email address when trying to share file from OneDrive for Business/SPO Online

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Hello Everyone, I'm trying to understand how the auto-complete feature works when you try to share a file from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.  For example, we noticed that if the person is in Azure AD, auto-complete seems to work fine when you try to share a file from OneDrive.  I can type the first name of a person and then I'll see a list of names/email addresses to choose from.  However, if the person is in the Global Address List of Exchange or maybe a personal address list, the auto-complete doesn't seem to work.  So, in that case, a user has to type in their full email address in order to share the file.  One work around that we know of right now is to create an email from outlook so you have access to use auto-complete from there since it is pulling from those Exchange contact lists as well.  Then just share a link to the OneDrive file.  But it is a bit inconvenient being forced to create an email to use that feature if a user just really wants to share the file directly from OneDrive or SharePoint online.  Would anyone be able to explain how Azure AD and Exchange Online work together/(or not work together) for that use case?  Is there a way to configure Exchange Online so that the Global Address List and personal address lists are available tenant wide for sharing files like that while having the auto-complete work?  Thanks.

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It's not dependent on Exchange/your mailbox, it gets the entries for Azure AD/Graph afaik. Good item for the Feedback portal though: