Are Synchronized files encrypted on the local computer by default ?

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I'm pretty sure this question has been asked several times but I haven't been able to find a clear answer.


All the documentations I've seen says that One Drive for Businees Data is encrypted "at rest" .

I guess "at rest" means that the files are encrypted on the cloud servers.


But does it also mean that the synchronized files are encrypted on a local computer ?


If a computer is stolen, can anybody access the synchronized files by mounting the hard drive in an other computer or will the data still be unreadable .


If the answer is "no the local synchronized data is not encrypted"  , would it be a problem to encrypt the onedrive local sync folder with bitlocker or any other folder encryption software ? will onedrive malfunction if it cannot "read" the sync folder at startup if this folder is not yet uncrypted ?



Thanks in advance

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No they aren't. But if you are using a drive encryption software (BitLocker), the entire content of the harddisk is encrypted, including any newly created/synced file. And no, there will be no problems in doing so.

@hardballer As well as BitLocker there is Windows Information Protection (WIP), this could apply Data encryption at rest for business data on the (Windows) device.

Thank you both for your answers.