Any plan for password protected link share?

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I am sending my onedrive files to various client through anonymouse view link.

Tricky to invite every cusmoters everytime.


Anyway, my supplier is using Box, and they are using password protection, and send me email with link, and password.

That's pretty convinient.


I think I need something in between strong protection(invitation only) and non protection(anonymouse link). And that could be password protection.


Is there any plan on ODFB to adopt this option?

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I have not heard/read anything in regards of this request...have you checked user voice to see if the request is there?
I've found related thread.

But last feedback from MS was, <Thinking about it> on 2015.
I see it...well, the number of votes is quite high but I guess more votes are required so the status can change to Accepted suggestion
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Hi all,


I just wanted to pop-in and let you know that we are looking at password protected links now. We don't have a timeframe that we can share yet but this is definitely a feature we want to get into everyone's hands. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Nice to know, thanks for the update!

I don't understand, if you have an email with both a link and a password, how is that different from jsut a link. The link is unique, like the password.


If the password was sent by some other mechanism it would mean something


having password makes you have one more control.


Think about document for mass deploy which needs limited access control.

Inviting 100 ppls and make them to create MS account is something I do not want to.

Currently only way to do this is make link that everybody can see and mail them.


But what if I need to narrow down 100ppl to 50ppl? Rather than making another anonymous link, I would prefer just chaning password and let them know.


Plus, if somebody else in my tenant see that document and link permission, it only says "anonymous can see". It sure makes confusion determining document's sharing policy.

> Rather than making another anonymous link, I would prefer just chaning password and let them know.

If you've got to send a new password, why not send a new link, how is that any different.

The link is effectively a password, that great long GUID on the end of the url performs exactly the same function as a password, a shared secret.

Because I could send the link and password via separate channels, which is the usual practice. Furthermore, ensuring the link is HTTPS (and assuming no MitM attacks), any proxy can intercept the link, but without the password, it is useless (or at least limited, dependent on the allowable permissions granularity).


We're coming up on a year since you said you were working on this.

Any update?  I don't understand why this isn't a huge priority...

So please respond with an update. 

Thank you

Hi Kyle,

We've been making great progress and will have more to share soon. We've been focused primarily on the new secure externals sharing flow that we just announced at Ignite. You can check out a preview of that in the Jeff Teper SharePoint and OneDrive keynote and the Jason Moore OneDrive Past, Present and Future session from yesterday.


Stephen Rice
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Any updates for this?

Hi @Markus Davidsson,


Nothing to share just yet but definitely keep an eye for news out of SharePoint Conference North America next month as well as for updates on the Tech Community blogs :) Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Sounds good, thanks Stephen! :)

I have a problem while spreading the link when one folder is already in a dispersed state. links that are categorized .mp3 and .mp4 with the intent I want to try play automatically and in fact my file is in a state shared to anyone

this is my link share to play

My personal OneDrive now has the password feature...very nice! Looking forward to this feature in ODfB/SPO.

@John Rispoli, glad you like it! We'll have more to share on password protected links in ODB & SPO in the new year! Stay tuned!


Stephen Rice

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Hi @Stephen Rice,


Whereas kudos goes out to the OneDrive team for implementing sharing via password (albeit somewhat much later than competition), I have to mention that it is a case of two-steps-forward-one-step-back: the ability to add or edit shared via a link (already secured with a password) still demands that a contributor/editor logs in with a Microsoft account.


Due to this restriction, for the purposes of providing a simple way for guests to upload photos and videos of events, I have had to turn to (and sometimes pay for) other means.


P.S.: Just to "help" some others in my shoes: for app-based (i.e. mobile camera-focused), try using "The Guest" fka "Veri" app (Play Store, iTunes Store) - the organiser will have to know contributor's mobile numbers/email addresses beforehand, but it is still better than forcing Microsoft accounts down their throats. (Nothing wrong with Microsoft accounts - my whole family has one each, but still, not everyone does nor want one).

I wish it wasn't Premium only feature though.