An item can't be synced due to a filename issue

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I cannot finish a complete sync because I get the error message saying that "An item can't be synced. The name NUL isn't allowed. To sync the item, go to your OneDrive on the web, search for the item, and rename it". Unfortunately, I cannot find anything with NUL on my OneDrive web search.

So, I can access my files only through the web interface and I cannot sync. I have exchanged a few emails with the support, but without success so far, they only invited me to uninstall and reinstall and reset things, all things I already did after a bit of googling.

Do you know a way to access the logs or have more insights on what is happening in the sync engine?

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@matteodefelice Have you tried to search for NUL @windows? Maybe it's hidden?
Have you tried to sync all data to a new clean windows profile?

When it comes to OneDrive and logs, what I know only Microsoft can read those files (.edl and .odl) due to encryption