Alternative to M365 licensed user for ODFB owner?

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We currently sync multiple document libraries to a user account on a terminal server. The files are synced to this server in part because another app on the server saves files to the disk, and we want them synced up to the appropriate SharePoint sites/libraries; and in part because we use a backup service that scans and backs up from the terminal server. The user account on the server where these files are synced is not associated with one human; multiple users have access to the files, by design. Up until now, the OD in this server user profile has been logged in by one of the users who is a SPO admin. Example: In user/sync_only, the ODFB login is the same as that in user/personA. It's been working fine, but we're now wondering whether it wouldn't be more advisable to have a login for the that ODFB that is linked only to the sync user, i.e., the account that is used only for syncing to SPO. The question for us now is: is there an alternative to having that login identity be a fully licensed M365 user?

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