Adding image caption in OneDrive Business is not working, but it works in OneDrive Personal

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Is there any specific reason why the OneDrive Personal has a option to add a caption to an image in OneDrive and the OneDrive business doesn't have this option?


Since last year I believe, in a personal OneDrive account (connected to your account), when you upload an image to your OneDrive you can add a Description/Caption to an image. Great functionality.


I would expect the same behaviour in the Office 365 OneDrive for business. However, when I upload an image to my OneDrive Business, I am unable to add a caption/description to the image file.


The same caption space where in the personal OneDrive it says "Caption" is simply white in OneDrive Business.


Is this a intentional limitation of the Business OneDrive or a bug maybe?


Do you experience the same? Is there any way to enable this functionality?


Reproduction steps: Go to OneDrive Business -> upload an image -> select the image -> click on Details (little i icon) in the right corner -> under the image preview you are able to add caption in OneDrive Personal


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