Add user's home drive folder link to newly provisioned OneDrive for Business site

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As a part of the M365 service rollout program, we are enabling the OneDrive service for all employees. There is a requirement to add the user's home drives 'My Documents' folder link /shortcut in the user's OneDrive for Business site so that the user gets a quick option to open the home drive folder in explorer view and then the user can do copy or migration of home drive documents to OneDrive. Is it possible to automate adding links to other user's ODFB sites with SharePoint Administrative Role and SCA access on ODFB sites?

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@gayatariEnt Do you still have control of their devices with group policy or intune? If so you could create a powershell script to run on login that creates them a shortcut to their old home drive. It would depend on the naming convention of their home drive folder, you could map the shortcut to \\server\%username% if you wanted it to dynamically work per user.

It may be easier though to migrate it all for them using SharePoint Migration Tool?