Add "old" syncronizarions when OneDrive i restarted.

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My OneDrive for Business would not log on, so i stopped it, and restarted.


It synced all my OneDive file, but none of my SharePoint files. I see all the files is stored under my user name in the file explorer, but they are no longer synced by OneDrive. 


Is it possible to add those follders to OneDive fom the file manager?


ish missing.PNG


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I did an Onedrive restt, using %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

That added my local SharePoint synced files to file Exlporer. but not the SharePoint area I was using as a guest user.

Where do /reset gets its information? Is it possible to specify what I would like to reset?

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