Accessing OneDrive files through a local server

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We are trying to set up a filesharing system for our group in which files are stored and accessed through a local server, instead of through the cloud. Is it possible to achieve that through OneDrive? Or is it only possible to store and share files on the cloud?


Ideally, we would have a situation where the files are stored on our local server, and when a client in our network requests access, they download the file directly from that server, without going through the cloud as an intermediate.


If not, does anybody know of some way to achieve this?



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Hi @Yugen2330 ,


you should look into migrating your file to SharePoint Online. Check it out here: SharePoint, Team Collaboration Software Tools (


You can also create hybrid environment as well: Explore SharePoint Server hybrid - SharePoint Server | Microsoft Docs

First, I agree that SharePoint is a better solution.

Second, you can run OneDrive on your server and map the location to a network drive. However you're not getting much OneDrive benefit and you will be fighting file locks when the file syncs to the cloud.



This sounds like what I need, despite the drawbacks you mentioned. How do I go about doing that? Is it something in the OneDrive settings, or should I set up an external program for that?

@Yugen2330 it's really got nothing to do with OneDrive. You're just sharing its server folder e.g. via a mapped drive.


I do this at home with my media server. Music files live inside OneDrive or Dropbox folder on server but the folder is shared out on local network.



However note that users should not create long path names through nested folders that are longer than OneDrive sync limits.





Thanks, I looked into the hybrid environment. In the article, they seem to use the terms "OneDrive" and "Microsoft 365" interchangeably, so it is a little confusing. Do I understand correctly that these two terms refer to the cloud, as opposed to the local server, and that in the hybrid environment, you can choose which files you want to store on the cloud (i.e. OneDrive or M365), and which files you want to keep locally? And that when a client in the network sends a request to access some file, the request is automatically redirected to wherever the file is actually stored?
Microsoft 365 is a cloud based platform, of which OneDrive is the personal storage component, and SharePoint provides the shared storage services.