Access Denied for Sync'd SharePoint Library Migrated with SP Migration Tool

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I'm not sure what is going on.  I migrated a folder to a SP Library and sync'd to OneDrive (I have done this with  many other libraries).  For some reason, when I try and open some files (pdfs, jpgs), I receive a message that the file is open (it is NOT as I'm the only one with access to this site currently).  I double-click it again then it does try and open, however, I immediately get an Access Denied error.


I am definitely able to access this file as I have no issues opening the exact same file from the SP Site using a browser (and I'm the SharePoint Admin and Owner of the site).


1. Does the C:\Users\username\CompanyName\LibraryName that gets added to the folder and file name get counted as part of the URL length?  If so, ones I can open are under 256 and ones I get the Access Denied are over 256 characters.

2.  If SharePoint Online allows files to be migrated/added up to 400 characters, why is there this 256 character limit to OPEN these files with locally installed applications (ie desktop applications)?


3. If I copy a file with a long name to a subfolder that would then be over 256 characters (using OneDrive), I CAN open the file so somehow this length gets ignored if the file is downloaded and not cloud-only?


What do we now do that we've already migrated all of these files to SharePoint that we can no longer open with OneDrive?  

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@luvsql  Is this SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server?

Regards, Magnus