A OneDrive big selling point is also a problem - compression is needed sometimes

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Our team of trades people take several photos on their iPads at each location they work at. 

The photos automatically upload to OneDrive and are automatically shared with the administration team.  Awesome!  


However, we have a problem in that the photo files size is too large to use, and you can't change the default photo resolution settings on an iPad. 


So we might need to switch over to using Google Drive, because Google can automatically compress photos to around 25% of their original file size with no noticeable degradation in photo quality.   See attached examples using the same original photo.


To avoid us from using Google Drive when we already pay for OneDrive, are they any auto-compression options in the pipeline for photo uploads to OneDrive (similar to the Google compression)?

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Hello! You've posted your question in the Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the OneDrive for Business space - please post OneDrive questions here in the future. 

@Inaurukun  I'mm sorry but what? the ONLY reason I switched to OneDrive is because they don't do sneaky compression on photos and my photos are actually 100% quality unlike Google Drive. Sure G Drive has its perks and benefits but they do sneaky compression even on photos which are directly uploaded to the google drive space (not talking about google photos , talking about the actual drive storage here where it is supposed to be compression free of any kind) this is just dumb suggestion and please Microsoft team never take this suggestion. If you want your photos to be compressed either use google photos or buy a separate business storage or you can even assign custom Drive Spaces through admin panel for your colleagues which can go up to 5TB, if running out of space is your concern, Business provides around 25TB of storage if there are more than 5 users , 25TB is a lot and way more than enough for a small cap organization including their media  @Inaurukun