15gb to 100gb - which onedrive release version/build?

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Hi. Its great that the 100gb file size limit is now being rolled out. I cannot find anywhere online the OneDrive version number that relates to this feature. This page (link below) gives details of the latest releases but the description on most builds simply says "bug fixes...".


Is there a more detailed 'what's new' list anywhere and which version has the 100gb limit?

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Not sure if this helps, but I guess this is a combination of OneDrive client version and having the feature available online

In my case, it is working with version 20.084.0426.0007

Thanks @Ricardo Viana. I am on the insider preview (20.114.0607.0001). Ill get my team to test with a large file.

quick tip in case you need it, to create a test file:
in CMD > fsutil file createnew filename filesize eg:(fsutil file createnew a.txt 20000000000) for a 20gb file