145 Character File Path/Name fails to save in Onedrive from Excel

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Why is it that a simple file path/name, that is 145 characters long refuses to save from Excel?  Seriously, this is 2019, why is there such a small limit for file path/name?  I've recently moved all my files from a networked drive, to OneDrive and it's causing me constant issues..

I find myself, copying files then renaming them, then opening them.  Or if it's new, I'll create it in the root, then move and rename it outside of Excel.  

Please resolve this crazyness!

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Are you storing the file in a folder hyerarchy? I'm asking this because ODFB y SPO support 400 path length so a file name with 145 characters should be fine

@Juan Carlos González Martín   Complete File/Path is 145 characters, including spaces and back-slashes:


C:\Users\UserXMdomt\OneDrive - orgNme\A - DEPARTMENTS\MARKETING\Agtenaghn Listings\1 - Agtenaghn Source Data Generation\2019 07 - Data Generation


It's strange, as I can open the same files and I can save them.  Just can't create them with SAVE AS within Excel.

The 400 path limit is when you open/save file from OneDrive web URL. For example go to Office.com/OneDrive and open file in windows client by passing trough the web interface.

But if you try to save or open file synced locally you are limited to windows apps limitation 256 characters and in Excel it’s 218. Starting that point you will start have different type of issues.

Based on that I can’t say why you’re having trouble with a 145 total path length file.

MS has confirm they are working on this in February 2019.

Reference 218 limit still exist in excel 2016 and Office 365 current semi annual version