Retrieve all available drives for OneDrive

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I'm building the iOS app that allows users to upload their data to OneDrive. Currently it has access to default drive by /me/drive endpoint. But some of the user's demand ability to upload their files to the shared drives in their company account. I first tried /me/drives, but it returns only default one, which is from the first endpoint, though the account I use for testing has items shared with it, and they are displayed in the browser version of OneDrive. I also tried /sites/root/list, but it returned objects, that, as I understood, not what I need.

For all requests I use iOS OneDrive SDK from GitHub and MSAL pod for authentication, also double check in the Graph Explorer, but the responses are the same.

The permissions/scopes are: "", "", "".

Can anyone please advice, what endpoint should I use for retrieving list of company shared drives and possible what permissions/scopes should I use or modify existing?

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