Problem opening Word documents in the OneDrive folder using OLE.

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My first time here, looking for any help/hints for solving a long-standing problem I have during the development of my desktop software that opens Word documents in OneDrive folder through the OLE interface.


Basically my software (DocxManager) is a document manager specifically designed for Word, and it opens the Word docs using the Ole Word object model.

No issue with opening documents outside of the OneDrive folder, but sometimes (yes, only sometimes reported by some users) DocxManager encounters the following error:


'There is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation', with ErrorCode = -2146823176


I've searched the entire Internet for clues without luck so far :( My guess is that maybe because OneDrive hooks and intercepts the file access in the OneDrive folder?


I wish someone can shed some light on it.


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