Powerpoint Add-In trying to use a C# FIleStream object to open a pptx file on OneDrive

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I need to make a current Powerpoint add-in built in .Net/C# compatible with a users' OneDrive for a future feature. Our users have been asking for OneDrive support for a long time, and we need to support all version of OneDrive.

Currently, the application only supports files located on the hdd. We use a FileStream object to open the pptx since it has a regular DOS style path, such as c:\filepath\file.pptx. We open and read the pptx structure to locate the images, mp3 audio files, and mp4 videos to do an export type feature in our software.

Since OneDrive uses a URL similar to https://d.docs.live/xxxxxxxx/user/projectfiles/presentation.pptx, trying to open a FileStream on that URL will fail.

I've been looking through the SharePoint and OneDrive documentation for an Admin setting that allows me to use the OneDrive URL without making code changes, I was told that this setting exists, but I'm skeptical that the Admin settings won't give me that level of configuration.

Has anyone bumped up against this issue? How did you solve it? 3rd Party API?

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