Portal.Azure.Com for personal M365 account

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I have a personal M365 account. I use it mostly for OneDrive (OD)and file management on the go.

My goal:


I am looking to write some python code to check for duplicate files in OneDrive by hashing the file, then comparing the results. I have done this locally on my machine and want to do it online to OD to save space. Downloading all my OD files locally then doing it takes up too much space and time.

I have been playing with portal.azure.com and registered the app to use the api. Of course I still don't have this working but will play with it


Or is there a better way to find duplicates, online/


Question, do I need a portal.azure.com account to do this? ie. find duplicate file programmatically. And I guess I have to pay for it after the trial period?


Do I need an paid portal.azure.com account to achieve my goal?

Thanks for your thoughts and patience!


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