Onedrive on Android froze and will not sync

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I'm very sorry guys. My Onedrive is froze. I have been out of tech for 15 years. I have no clue fr. Anyone have any ideas? My CPU is malfunctioning now to. If I replace my phone will this fix my issue? I'm not feeling confident. My Onedrive says it's a sync issue. I brought my phone to factory settings and reinstalled Onedrive but came back to the same issue. Sync will not function. I'm told to contact customer support but I can not seem to find any. This issue appears to have effected my car inadvertently as well. It's like the Onedrive keeps trying to repeatedly connect and it does but it's never a full connection. Not enough to establish anything but not so little to disregard either so it keeps cycling. It's just odd. 

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