Onedrive download - Web PHP App

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I have a web PHP/MySql app which uses SSO with 365 for user logins. In my app we have an area where you can download extracts (Excel, Word files) and at the moment these extracts download locally to a users device which is not secure. I would therefore like a way that when a user clicks to download the extract the system sends the file to their respective onedrive account automatically instead of downloading locally to their pc (only company compliant devices in our org can install onedrive app, the rest use the web). This is to ensure that people using BYOD or public devices cannot download these extracts locally to their devices.


Also if the user does not connect to our app via their 365 SSO account, we want to ensure that when they download the extract it only opens in a read-only format in 365 online. 


Is this kind of thing possible?





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