Multiple driveid for a single account. Accessible from Main account

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having multiple drive id for a single account.
I can access 2 drives through a shortcut (see screenshot).
I have an error when asking for details.

What could have cause the existence of those Drives?

How can I get rid of them?

 1 / OneDrive (personal)
   \ (b!R-MBeVgUGEWE1REDACTED5NqSlsno-R1_R1NYJqraPPQoMmAL1d872o)
 2 / OneDrive (personal)
   \ (b!R-MBeVgUGEWEREDACTEDstH7fZ5NqSlsno-R1_Rl7ezg_nJzSZ_M4RrKjA-k)
 3 / OneDrive (personal)
   \ (50c37REDACTING32c)549d651d69c3b70df2a86ccb397b24914aad0ba8_2_930x1000.png



Thank you

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