How to add all files to OneDrive cloud and delete files on my hard drive storage?

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I want only keep my all files on OneDrive,and also delete my files on my hard drive space.

I have 1TB of OneDrive storage but OneDrive using up disk space even I clicked "Free up my space" on my OneDrive floder for free up my hard disk drive but It's not work. It's still use up my hard disk space.


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How to fix this?

Thank You.

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OneDrive will save copies of items that you've opened on the local drive, so this is normal and expected. If you have got Storage Sense turned on it should automatically free up space when your disk gets a bit full, otherwise you can right click on any item in OneDrive (or the entire OneDrive folder itself) and select Free up Space - this will make sure it's synced and then delete the local copy.


The icons in Explorer will tell you where each file is:


e.g. the green tick denotes that the file is stored locally on your computer as well as in the cloud, the blue cloud means it's only in the cloud (so opening it will cause OneDrive to download the file), there's a blue "sync" icon not shown above which means it's currently updating.


Alternatively if you open Settings and search for Storage Sense it will show you what is using your disk space and you should be able to find OneDrive in the list and click to free up the space.