How can I track changes to specific OneDrive folder under approot?

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In the documentation for webhooks, there are these two distinct paragraphs:


driveItem on OneDrive (personal)
Changes to content within the hierarchy of any folder:




driveItem on OneDrive for Business
Changes to content within the hierarchy of the root folder:


This distinction between “any folder” and “root folder” makes me understand that I can subscribe to the changes of a specific folder in a personal OneDrive drive.  This is for an backend application that access specifically an app folder in the user's drive, under the associated app root folder.

However, all attempts so far to subscribe to anything else than drive/special/approot have failed; other attempts with drive/special/approot:/path/to/folder, drive/special/approot:path/to/folder, and drive/items/‹folder-id› result in 4xx errors.


Do I understand incorrectly the documentation? If not, how can I subscribe to a specific folder (including its subfolders, I have verified that this is the case as documented)?


PS In Use the Microsoft Graph API to get change notifications there is this:

On a personal OneDrive, you can subscribe to the root folder or any subfolder in that drive.


So again: how do I specify the folder under the approot folder that I can subscribe to?


PS please, anyone?
"message": "resource '/drive/root:/Apps/‹my_app_name›' is not supported.",
"message": "resource '/drive/items/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!242' is not supported.",
"message": "resource 'drive/items/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!242' is not supported.",

The only one that works:
"@odata.context": "$metadata#subscriptions/$entity",
"id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
"resource": "drive/special/approot",

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