Feedback (feature request to drag and select photos on IOS)

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I am looking to provide feedback (feature request) for the OneDrive IOS application.


The feature request is to have the ability to hold my finger down and drag it to multi-select photos quickly (when uploading photos to OneDrive from the phone). Currently, when uploading photos to OneDrive on the iphone, I have to individually tap on each photo icon I want to upload. When uploading hundreds of photos the process is very painful.


I tried a work-around using the native IOS "Photos" app. This app allows you to multi-select by dragging your finger. after the photos are selected I can "share" to onedrive. However, for some reason, I can only do this for up to approximately 20-30 photos. If I try to share 100 photos for example, the onedrive app doesn't appear in the share selection menu.

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iOS has the feature already built in. Begin by touching the screen with two digits, and then you’ll be able to select multiple files by dragging one finger across it afterwards.



Thanks for the suggestion, but this method does not work in the OneDrive App when uploading photos.

@Padnarok iOS has the feature already built in…

That is why one must read the question carefully. “Drag select” – “hold my finger down and drag it to multi-select photos quickly”
➞ “quickly”