Feature request: Delayed upload of new photos/videos

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I recently booked the Microsoft Family account to provide One Drive backup to my beloved including the automized upload of images. Works nicely together with the iOS OneDrive app!


ISSUE (for me): all photos are uploaded instantaneously. Kind of nice, BUT, if you make screen shots just for fun, for Whattsapp use, for whatever reason, it's uploaded as well.


SOLUTION / REQUEST: it would be cool to define a delay (1, 5, 60 minutes), after which the photos are uploaded. So it would take a 5 minute wait until the upload starts. Temporary images being deleted fast would not be find their way into the cloud. Sounds not like rocket science. Would be "Take all images being older than 5 minutes", not "Take all images" only.


Where would one post such issues best?


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I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the OneDrive app on your iOS device.

Regarding your issue, I understand that you would like to have a delay in the upload of your photos and videos to OneDrive. While this feature is not currently available, it’s a great suggestion.


In the meantime, you can try some workarounds to avoid uploading temporary images. For example, you can move the temporary images to a different folder on your device or delete them manually before they are uploaded to OneDrive.


To submit a feature request for OneDrive, you can do it on OneDrive UserVoice.

You can choose the version of OneDrive in which to insert your idea or search for ideas entered by others and upvote for them, if you like them. Typically, top rated ideas are considered by developers for future versions of the application.


Alternatively, you can also send feedback directly from the OneDrive application. On a computer, you can right-click the OneDrive cloud icon and select Send feedback. On mobile, select Me and then Help & feedback.


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