Key features mentioned in today's Webinar


Here are the top-5 features that we mentioned in today's webinar on Data security in OneDrive, you can watch on-demand now:


  1. External sharing policies - OneDrive and SharePoint is the great place for secure external collaboration, ensuring protecting your corporate data while at the same time making your users productive and achieve more. Learn more here.
  2. Microsoft Information Protection Sensitivity Labels - RMS Encrypted and Protected files are now the first class experience in OneDrive and SharePoint, you can co-author with them in Office Online, you can search and do your governance duties like DLP, eDiscovery. Learn more here and here.
  3. Automatic classification with Sensitivity Labels - take the protection of your corporate sensitive data to the next level, even if users forget/neglect to label the sensitive files auto classification will take care of protecting it. Learn more here.
  4. Information barriers - in desperate need to meet regulatory controls ensuring no insider trading happens or being monitored in your organization? for example, FINRA like compliance? Check out our new Information Barriers scenario for OneDrive and SharePoint here
  5. Insider risk management - want to minimize internal risks by detecting, investigating, and taking actions on risky activities in your organization? Check out our new offering on insider risk management here.

Check them out and let us know if any comments/questions.


Thank you,

Sesha Mani (MSFT)

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