Where are Sticky Notes in tablet app


Google Play Store states that Sticky Notes have been added to the Android version but I can't see them?  This is a key feature as I use sticky notes on my Windows 10 desktop and want to access them on my tablet.  For some reason I can see them on my Samsung phone as it has a Sticky Note icon at bottom of OneNote, but not on a Samsung tablet - why?

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@Darren Rose 

I can't find it either. Sticky notes are available in phone app but not in the tablet.


Sticky notes can be found in the One Note application. There is a special tab for them. Also, if you use Microsoft Launcher they are on the left side panel.



Yes on a phone there is a tab for them on OneNote, BUT NOT on a tablet - hence the question!

Just checked. You are correct, I can only find my notes from Microsoft Launcher and not in One Note. I agree that it needs to be added back to One Note for Android Tablets.
Thanks for confirming I was correct - I knew that if not I wouldn't have asked the question in the first place...

I have further bad news. I have just replaced my android phone and the tab you seek  in OneNote 16.0 is not there. The 3 tabs are now Home, Search and Notebooks, the Home tab has your history where the sticky notes reside.

Yes they have been missing for a while now, think from about May time I noticed it