Undo Send in Outlook for Mac


Hi, Office Insiders! Priya Ganta, a Product Manager on the Outlook for Mac team is excited to share that the Undo Send feature is now available in Outlook for Mac!


Undo Send

We’ve all had the very human experience of hitting the Send button on an email a tad bit too hastily—sending out a message that has typos, missing attachments, incorrect recipients, or… worse. No need to panic!


Outlook for Mac has your back. You can now use the Undo Send command to cancel a message before it’s sent, giving you more control and confidence over your communications.  

This capability has been among our most requested Outlook features! While it doesn’t offer true message recall, this feature instructs the app to delay sending the message for a set period of time, so you can cancel it if you change your mind. 




Learn more in the blog post!



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