STOCKHISTORY function -- File not responding

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Hello, I have an Excel spreadsheet using the Stockhistory function. To download daily price data for multiple stocks, I have used in one of my files: =TRANSPOSE(STOCKHISTORY($B$32,TODAY()-42,TODAY(),0,1)). Unfortunately, I'm getting a SPILL error, probably because of the "42" setting. This results in Excel becoming unresponsive. To fix the problem, I'd like to delete that function. It looks like when I open the file, the data download automatically starts. Does anyone have a solution to my problem? It's a large file, so I'd like to avoid rebuilding the file from scratch. Is there a way to stop data download from starting automatically when the file is open? Would appreciate any suggestions to my problem. Thanks.

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btw, I believe the unresponsiveness is due to Spill error because in bottom right I see "Calculating (Spill Resize Pass 1): 0%" and it stays here. Any attempt to navigate on the spreadsheet results in "Excel (Not Reponding)"