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In my MS excel, the GET DATA power query button missing, how can I get it please help

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Hi @Kundan1275 ,


Make sure your Excel is up to date. Data Query should be in Data tab. see below.




@Adin_Calkic Thank you for your response, I'm using version 16.62, which is the latest, but there is no power queryScreenshot 2022-04-30 at 22.11.21.png

Hi @Kundan1275 ,


Try to see if there is a option in properties. If you can't find it - you probably have different subscription.








Switch to all commands, if you see it you can move to the right.




appreciate your help, but it's now working this way. are you using Microsoft 365?

Hi @Kundan1275 ,


try to uninstall/reinstall.


yes, I have M365 subscription.




sure, I'll try this