OneNote not syncing Notebook and Notebook is not in OneDrive or Notebook

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I have a very strange issue that none of the Microsoft Tech support can solve. 


I opened my OneNote today and it restarted, stating that the app had closed incorrectly. It restarted, all but one of my notebooks are there. My "Teaching Notes" are all gone. I search OneDrive and all of my OneNote, but it is not there. I searched in my OneDrive for the flies which are largely titled with "ENGL" and they are there! 


Once I click on the OneDrive "ENGL" note selection, it redirects me to a completely different notebook and my notes for that specific selection are not there at all.


Upon further inspection, my "Teaching Notes" are not syncing. No matter what I do, they will not sync and I can't access my notes. When I manually sync it, it says "Sync Incomplete". It seems that my OneDrive is not syncing with my OneNote, but the selection notes that I can see are URL-based and thus I cannot open them.


From my chat support, this is what they noted:

"The notebook is saved as a URL on your PC and not as a notebook which is why it does not open in OneNote or OneDrive. I have tried opening it with OneNote but there is no option to do that. It redirects you to OneDrive but on OneDrive the notebooks aren't there."

"The notebooks aren't saved anywhere. The sync happens between the online server and the application but the notebooks aren't available on either locations."


I have never touched on changing the location on where the file opens nor anything to corrupt the file. I simply just opened my OneNote and then my notebook is unaccessible. I cannot seem to fix this and then I was pointed to this forum to try to find an answer.


Please advise and thank you.

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