Onenote crashes (stops working) after android 9 update on galaxy s9+

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My entire life is on Onenote.
Ever since my Galaxy S9+ updated to Android 9 the onenote app has not been working. Crashes immediately after opening.
I've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted cache, rebooted, wiped Android cache, signed out, did it all. Is it my phone or is there something wrong with other peeps? Should I do an android reset? I'm at a loss. Can anyone help?
Thanks, Rob
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It's been about a month sinsebive had this problem. That is a long time to be forced to look longer use OneNote.
I guess it'll never be fixed. Looking into Evernote right now.
Fyi, I just did a last resort factory reset yesterday and it still has same crashing issues.
I have heard nothing from the developers, so as far as I know they're doing nothing...
Sincere apologies about the issue and lack of acknowledgement as we are moving communities right now from G+ to tech community. We are looking into this