Office 365 (Word, Excel.. etc) Crashing after updating to version 2001 Insider

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I'm using Office 365 ProPlus version 2001 (build 12410.200000) Insider

It just got upgraded to this version. after the updates were installed, these programs are crashing 5 seconds after I open them. tried restarting my computer but didn't fix it.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint

These are Not crashing

  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • OneNote 2016
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Can you please try doing an Online Repair for Office to see if that resolves your issues? You can do this by going to Windows Settings>Apps & Features>Microsoft Office>Modify>Online Repair. Please keep me posted on how that goes.



thank you, if i do that, will i still stay on the Insider channel or will it revert it back to the stable channel?

@HotCakeX Doing an Online Repair will keep you on the Insider build. 

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I just finished doing that but it's still the same, i think i have to switch back to the stable channel for a while.




after updating my Windows 10 insider fast ring from build 19041 to 19536 (the next build), i tried once again enrolling my Office 365 proplus from stable to insider preview, and i was still having the same crash problem. filled a problem report on feedback hub app with a problem repro.


now instead of insider channel of Office 365, i chose the monthly targeted channel. it's still part of the preview builds of Office insider but i think it's like slow ring of Office insider.


So on build 1912 (monthly channel - targeted) i have no crash.