New Office design toggle is disabled

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Note: I'm running the latest Windows 11 insider build.


When I open the Coming Soon pane to try out the new Office design, I see that the toggle is disabled:




How can I turn it on?

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I want to know, how do you get new UI updates? I use Beta channel, but I can't get updates.
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Currently Version 2107 Build 14228.20000 hasn't been released yet. You will need to wait until that build is installed, then you'll start seeing all the new updates. At this time, we don't have a specific date/time to share for when the update will be released.

@Evan you guys kill us with announcing stuff before the build is out :)

@Evan I have the Windows 11 insider (dev channel) update and now I have updated my Office suite to whatever the latest update is in the beta channel but I don't see any toggle to turn on the experience at all. At least the other person can see the toggle button. Anything I'm doing wrong? Running OS build 22000.51

This is strange - I'm running Build 2107 (16.0.14228.20000), but still don't see the option to toggle this. Running the latest Windows 11 insider build too.

@sammy2066 Same issue here. No toggle switch is visible to me. Or heck even the "whats new" or announcements button on top. 

@sammy2066 The toggle is there??? It is just not active.

So, I installed latest 229 from DevMain channel, that is still no good :((


I'm running 14228.20044 and I do not even see the coming soon button, let aside the toggle.

@Ruud Bijvank Yeah, they are memeing us on purpose at this point.

At this point, I'm running Version 2108 (Build 14301.20002) - still no 'What's New' or 'Coming Soon' button.

You will not see coming soon button, you need to search for it in in Alt+S search! Seriosuly??

Version 2107 Build 14228.20044 was released in Insider Fast!

Interesting -- I thought we'd get a new icon in the title bar (as they show in the video). Somehow (for me), in Outlook, there's an actual 'Coming Soon' button and radio toggle. I have no idea what's going on, and how this is rolling out to folks.
Yes, that worked. Now I have the coming soon, but as per above, the button is deabled.

Running 2108 Build 14301.20004 on Win11 (10.0.22000.51)
Can get the Coming Soon pane which displays the "Try the new experience" toggle (as shown in the original post), but likewise it is disabled. Clicking it has no effect.

@TheBanananator Same. running 2108 (14301.20004) on 22000.51 windows 11 build. Still the toggle is grayed out. whats going on?



It's finally working for me !!! (Using the build 16.0.14301.20004 64 bits)

Here's everything I did... Maybe it works for you as well...

1. Search for the Coming Soon feature using the search bar in your app (I tried it on Excel with a new blank file) and open it. It will open an article in a sidebar on the right. For me it was grayed out and I couldn't enable the new visual experience, like many people here in this forum post;
2. Give a feedback on the article on the bottom of the article saying if it was useful or not. I clicked on NOT useful (since I couldn't use it). Write something and send it.
3. Restart your Office 365 app and open the Coming Soon again. Now it should be possible to enable it. Enable the new visual experience using the toggle and restart your Office 365 software for the changes to take effect (again, I tried it on Excel on a new blank file);
4. With your software restarted, now you should have the new user interface running. 

I'm personally a little disappointed... It doesn't look that different on Windows 10, dark mode still looks bad (the icon colors should change when dark mode is enabled) and the title bar now is THICK!



(Coming Soon sidebar, in portuguese)

@CarlosRoriz I can't do it with your method, are you sure that was ALL you did? can you find like a new registry key that allowed this?