New Office design toggle is disabled

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Note: I'm running the latest Windows 11 insider build.


When I open the Coming Soon pane to try out the new Office design, I see that the toggle is disabled:




How can I turn it on?

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Sorry to hear that, but that's all I did. After leaving a feedback on the article related to the new visual experience, for some reason, the toggle became accessible.

Anyway, the change is much more subtle if you're not also using Win 11, so if that's your case, you're not missing much.

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!

(you can't switch the toggle on BUT you can get the effects of it)


You can force it to show the new UI, with the registry

Download this file, open it, click yes, start any Office 365 Apps that support it (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)

Now you should have the new UI!

(as a warning it might take a long time to disable this once you enable it, as you have to go to registry, Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\ExperimentConfigs\ExternalFeatureOverrides go to this folder, click every office app name, and delete the strings that start with Microsoft.Office.UXPlatform... on ALL OF THEM)


I think the new splash screen is kinda bad, but I suppose they will change it later. Some of the buttons are too skinny too (Like the search button)

@MerBudd finally!

nvm i just created a registry file that disables it for you lol
as a note this unfortunately completely disables outlook, you have to get rid of the new ui, and then repair office. i made an outlook free version so it can still run:

That is because Outlook is supposed to be turned on separately! BTW, do you have a problem that autosave icon when on is not present? That is because the font is just not there!! Wow.

@BallingZ No, I don't have a problem with autosave. it's probably because this is an insider build and beta builds are very buggy

Works! Thanks

so uhh i somehow got it to work with outlook, idk how i did it but i did it... cool





Thanks!, its work!
Thanks!, its work perfectly, many thanks
The toggle was enabled today, and is working across all apps. Not impressed.

In version 14315.20008 Autosave button's font appears to be fixed! well, bravo. And yes, toggle works too!

@MerBudd thank you!

This is the only method that worked for me, and oddly enough it was already toggled on but still showing the old UI. Toggled it off and back on and now I get the new UI. Weirdly, my work PC got it a month or two back.

@TheOnlyTails Well then how do we get it on win10